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The Moscow centre of the Russian Geographic Society

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22.01 Petrov V.V. The caves of Sara-Tala (the Kabardin-Balkar Republic).
  Markov A.V. A trip in Bulgaria and the Lebanon.
19.02 Kisiliova T.K. Memorial dates of speleology in 2003.
    News from expeditions.
  Shelepin A.L.

The Kan'jon-Sumohvut expedition (the Abkhazian Republic).

The Kan'jon-Sumohvut system is supposed to be a low entrance in the famous Snezhnaya (Snow) cave. The discharge of the underground river in Snezhnaya takes place at 350m altitude. The system is in a canyon bottom at 1130 altitude, not far from the Snezhnaya spring. 22 cavers from Moscow did caving in the system 285 deep and 1130m long. 6 cavers stayed 6 days in a camp at 220m. The cavers followed the air and tried to push through a narrow pass. Veterok is supposed to be a tributary of the Snezhnayariver. The last visit into the cave was before the War in 1992 6 cavers made a success try to go through the end narrow pass along a stream. Unfortunately a new hole to small to pass was found beyond. Return trips are planned.

  Chicherov A.

The Snow cave expedition (the Abkhazian Republic).

(9 cavers from Moscow and 3 from St. Peterburg made a trip into the cave in Jan. It lasted 12 days (in cave). The deepest point that they visited was very near the bottom.

19.03 Gelezov P. The caves of Sokotra island (Yemen, the Indian Ocean).
  Rishetnyak A., Shumeiko A.F. The cave diving expedition in Sumgan-Kutuk and Sakaska spring (the Bashkir Republic). Video.
  Shumeiko A.F. The expedition in Pinega speleoregion (Arkhangelsk oblast).
  Evdokimov U.V. The expedition in Postov-Phystech cave (Zagadan, the Karachai-Circassian Republic).
  Kisiliova T.K. Memorial dates of speleology.
23.04 Shumeiko A.F. The cave divin exploration in Pinega speleoregion (Arkhangelsk oblast).
  Evdokimov U.V. The exploration in Postov-Phystech cave (Zagadan, the Karachai-Circassian Republic)
  Melikhovskaya P.V. The caves of the Bermudas.
  Reshetov D.E. The photography expedition in Simphoniya (Pinega speleoregion, Arkhangelsk oblast).
21.05   News from spring expeditions.
29.10   News from summer expeditions.
  Zverev C. The Napra expedition (the Abkhazian Republic).

20 avers from Perovo-speleo club (Moscow) continued their exploration in Napra (the West Caucasus, the Bzybskij range, Abkhazia). It was the third expedition. They finished the exploration of a new gallery at a depth of 930m, which turned out to be 150 m long. They made underground climbing (about 20m) in several drops.
  Utrobin D.

The New Cave expedition (the Abkhazian Republic)

Cavers from Sokolniky-RUDN club (Moscow) continued the exploration of New Cave (the West Caucasus, the Gugrinskij range, Abkhazia). The focus of most of their attention was a hole at a depth of 300m just too small to pass with apparent drop beyond. They were able to work their way through the hole to the drop, which had a depth of 60m. They were out of time, a return trip is planned.

  Petrov V.

A trip in Abkhazia.

A speaker made the first after the War trip along the most popular cave areas in Abkhazia from the river Bzyb to the capital Sukhumi. He discovered quite safe surroundings except some place near the capital throughout which mines had been laid.

  Snetkoff E.

The Akschasch expeditions (the Abkhazian Republic).

There was made progress in Akschasch (the West Caucasus, the west slopes of the Bzybskij range, Abkhazia). It is a possible entrance in Mchishta - the greatest spring in the Caucasus. A few cavers (mainly from Moscow) worked there in different time from May to September. With the use of perforator etc. they were able to work their way through a lot of holes too small to pass (15 m3 of fragments were thrown away). The cave turned out to be 90 deep. There are 70m in height from the bottom of the cave to the ceiling of a hall in Mchishta.

  Eugene Rumyantsev

Caving in Sarma (the Abkhazian Republic)

Many cavers (mainly from Siberia and the Urals) continued their exploration in Sarma (the West Caucasus, the Gugrinskij range, Abkhazia). The cave is about 1649m deep and 6 km long (major passages are about 3 km). The entrance of the cave is at 2150m altitude. The main discharge of the underground streams takes place in a spring at about 100m altitude. A few cavers from Moscow also took part in the expedition. A speaker told his expression. There are many branches in the cave and passages are intersected. The Moscow group made a camp at a depth of 1100m and stayed there for 6 days. They found a new 125m drop and pushed it to connection with a known part of the cave. The cave is quite dangerous because of floods.

  Shelepin A.

The Kan'jon-Sumohvut expedition (the Abkhazian Republic)

7 cavers from Moscow continued their exploration in cave system Kan'jon-Sumohvut (the West Caucasus, the Bzybskij range, Abkhazia). The system is a possible lower entrance in famous Snow cave. The expedition lasted two weeks. The cavers followed the air through breakdown-filled passages, sometimes with the use of perforator etc. The cave became deeper from 285m to 333m and longer from 1115 to 1300. A speaker noticed that it is not safe for such small group to trip without a rifle.

19.11 Mavludov B.R, Travin V.

The ice-cave investigation in some glaciers of Spitsbergen.Press.

Aldegonda's drops (The expedition in ice-caves of Spitsbergen) Bulat Mavludov
The Institute of Geography (Russian Academy of Science) had been investigated the ice-caves of Spitsbergen for 3 years. Every ice-cave in the Aldegonda's glacier has an entrance drop (the deepest one is 80 m) and a followed gallery with a sump. After the sump to the surface the water of the stream drains through the glacier nearly horizontally.

9.12 (together with branch of Physical geography MCRGO and geographical faculty of the Moscow State University) A session on the 90th anniversary of prominent karstolog Gwozdechij N.A.
17.12 Koval V.,
Kosorucov U.S., Kedeyarova N., Lubimov P., Nikolskij A.,
Travin V.
Cave photography.
  Andreva S. The Congress of ASU ( the Assosiation of speleologes of the Ural)

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